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Ice Cream Dipper

Kingston, PA, USA

Job Type

Part Time

About the Role

Perfect for college/high school students that are looking for some extra income.

Essential work duties are greeting customers, serving ice cream and other products, maintaining inventory, collecting payments, suggesting flavors, answering to client questions, adhering to health and safety guidelines, and maintaining the work area cleanliness.


ADA Requirements

  • (Continuously) Standing

  • Repetitive use of hands and arms

  • Reaching into freezers

  • Pushing or Pulling

  • Lifting 10 pounds or less

  • Visual acuity to determine accuracy, neatness and thoroughness of work assigned and determine safety of workplace surroundings (kitchen, storage, guests etc).Frequently

  • Walking

  • Lifting 11 to 25 pounds

  • Carrying 10 pounds or less (Occasionally)

  • Bending Overo Reaching Overhead

  • Lifting 25 pounds or more Environmental Conditions

  • Occasionally works in cold temperatures inside.

  • Occasionally around chemicals.

  • Occasionally around wet, slippery floors or surfaces.

  • Continuously working with others.

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